La Camilla. Farmhouse in Concorezzo

Farmhouse in Concorezzo, La s strategically located, not far away from Milan, near the tangenziale Est – Exit Torri Bianche.
The Farmhouse in Concorezzo offers:


hotel with
comfortable rooms



Wine cellar with
Italian and Lombard labels

meeting rooms,
ceremonies and banqueting rooms

Farmhouse in Brianza. Location for weddings and ceremonies

In the green of Brianza, the farmhouse represents the ideal location for civil marriages both in the open air and in the elegant interior room, taking care of every detail of the ceremony: from celebration to floral arrangements, from mise en place to custom menu.

Traditional Lombard cuisine

The farmhouse La Camilla, near to Milan, offers mainly typical dishes of the traditional Lombard cuisine and regional Italian specialties. The choice of raw materials is done with great attention to detail. The farmhouse in Concorezzo produces vegetables, fruit, berries, honey, beef. The products are totally used within the farmhouse refreshment. Pork and salami are processed by a partner farm in Brivio (LC). Other products such as cheeses, eggs, rice, wine, oil and fish are purchased from strictly selected Lombard farms. The kitchen is traditional, simple and genuine.

The farm

The farm La Camilla in Concorezzo raises cows, horses, sheep, farm animals, bees and grows plants, fruits, berries and vegetables. All products are used in the farmhouse refreshment. Gourmet jams, shortbread cookies, chocolate liqueur and honey are available for sale.


The farm rears foals from broodmares “Italian saddle”.
The mares have a space suitable for their needs, taking advantage of the paddocks available to them where they can freely move from the stable to the open spaces. The foals are bred in order to be trained in the obstacle jumping and dressage disciplines that are taught in the equestrian school “ASD La Camillina” located at the Concorezzo farm. The stables account for heads of different races used in addition to the above-described purposes, also depending on their morpho-attitudinal characteristics. In particular, Hungarians and Murges are fit for attacks. The Andalusians are instead employed in Spanish high school performances

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