Team Building near Milan, a strategic location

Activities organized internally by the staff: indoor, sports, tech

The activity of observation and that of support to the company organization, the support and the formation of work teams and the accompaniment along processes of organizational change are some of the needs that can be approached through the implementation of specific team building activities near Milan by the companies that are interested. In this context, the La Camilla Agriturismo offers two types of activities. Firstly, the activities organized internally are proposed, developed by the staff of La Camilla. These are divided into three different paths: indoor, sport, tech.


The activities take place indoors and can be grouped in:

  • Cocktail Game
  • Cooking Game (even pizza e dolci)
  • Fruit Art
  • Tasting

Participants: up to 200 people
Duration: based on activities from 1 to 3 hours
Languages: Italian and English


These activities take place outdoors or even in covered fields:

  • Equiteam (with the collaboration of the Le Torri equestrian center)
  • Archery
  • Mountain bike (funny treasure hunt)

Participants: from 10 to 100 people
Duration: from 1 to 2.5 hours
Languages: Italian and English


  • Maker Challenge – the aim is to hack one or both of the furnishing objects made available by adding lights and interactions
  • Cooding for children (dedicated to the children of employees) – the boys (from 7 to 13 years) will be divided into groups with the aim of creating the most beautiful videogame. The first part provides the help of an expert.

Participants: max 20 people
Duration: from 2 to 5 hours
Languages: Italian and English

La Camilla, offers to the companies that organize team building, a variety of gadgets, for a minimum of 15 participants, a choice between chef’s hats, t-shirts, aprons and white or colored shirts. You can choose for the awarding of the winning team, some of the most requested products of La Camilla, Wine, Liquor, Jam or Honey. La Camilla is now able to structure team building activities with the support of expert professionals. In particular, he collaborates with La Camilla:

Dr. Letizia De Luca: PhD Student – Psychology Department Catholic University of Sacred Heart

Activities in collaboration with the partners, seven thematic areas

The team building activities near Milan, divided into teams, can take place at La Camilla Agriturismo according to seven thematic areas: theater and cinema, art, music and dance, various arts, police, supportive, outdoor. team building teams organized in collaboration with qualified partners. In this case they are activities in collaboration with the La Camilla partners and can take place both in Italian and on request in English. The proposals are broadly adaptable to different age targets of the participants. Depending on the company objectives and needs identified, it is possible to include in the implementation of these activities a Work Psychologist.


  • THE COMPANY BECOMES A FAIRY – the participants will create the story, the script, the costumes and will stage their fairy tale with contents inspired by company values and messages
  • FOTOROMANZO – a fun work of team and creativity to create a photo story that will be paginated and projected on a huge screen
  • CREATIVE THEATER – theater as an exciting team experience
  • CINEMA AWARDS – fun quizzes and theme sketches, immersed in a Hollywood atmosphere
  • MOVIE GAME – the crews make real short films


  • DRIPPING – the team at the rhythm of music will have to create water-based canvases recalling the company logo or mood.
  • DRYPOINT – the teams will have to engrave copper or Plexiglas plates with the technique of dry-tipped engraving with the press
  • ART MARKETS – the teams will have to find the right idea, have business flair and manage economic resources
  • ACTION SCULPTURE – with materials available such as paper, cardboard, wire, plasticine, colors and fabrics the teams will compete in the creation of modern sculptures, easy and fun.
  • ACTION PAINTING – Brushes and palettes for creating an extraordinary huge painting


  • SONG MAKER – the teams will write the song of their company, words, music and choreography that will be staged during the corporate dinner.
  • DANCING EXPERIENCE – choreography and dance
  • MUSICAL – actors for a musical
  • DRUMMING AND SOUND BUILDING – turning into a real orchestra
  • HAKA – typical dance of the Maori people whose goal is to scare the enemy and reinforce the group
  • FLASH MOB – event of strong participation
  • LIP DUB – the team will have to organize a choreography where each component has its role in front of the camera.
  • MUSIC AWARDS – quizzes and questions about musical culture and exhilarating sketches
  • CHORUS TEAM – the team will become a single chorus, divided into sub-sections
  • TUBE SOUND – tuning for an orchestra full of energy, using the boomhackers sound tubes.


  • ARTISTIC TRAVEL – a journey through the music of cinema
  • ASSISTANT CHRONES – a team organized to communicate effectively
  • MISSION TO MARS – face various tests to get back safely to the base…
  • LEGO INTERACTION – a cross-section of company organization to bring out by playing lego
  • TIPS FOR PURCHASES – the teams will have to create commercials


  • GREEN EVENTS – a mutual exchange of resources, skills and values
  • SUPPORTIVE TEAM BUILDING – bike for children, friendly furniture


  • ESCAPE ROOM– Where are you? Why are you locked up there? You do not know, you have to find the exit, open the door and run away. But it will not be easy!
  • POLICE SCHOOL 7 – a fun teamwork that values each person’s ability and encourages the team.
  • LA CAMILLA SPY STORY – an intriguing treasure hunt with gps, or via twitter.


  • CARTON RACE – construction of cardboard cars to complete a relay course
  • ORIENTEERING – reach the finish line in the shortest possible time
  • SOFT AIR – simulation of military techniques in which team spirit emerges
  • GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS – mini business olympics inspired by the TV series
  • FORGOTTEN GAMES – poisoned ball, flag steals, tug of war and a two, three, star

Entertainment related to company team building activities





SAND ART – sand becomes art

DUO, TRIO, QUARTET AND MUSIC QUINTET – music, karaoke and dance

SHADOWS CHINESE – show of long tradition

SILHOUTTE – your own profile on cardboard


EQUESTRIAL SHOWS – high Spanish school in traditional saddle or in rider’s saddle

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