The farm

The farmhouse in Concorezzo “La Camilla” is situated in a strategic position, a few steps from Milan, at the East ring road – Torri Bianche exit.
The farmhouse has:

Farmhouse in Brianza. Location for weddings and ceremonies

In the greenery of Brianza, the farmhouse is the ideal location for civil weddings, both outdoors and in the elegant indoor room, taking care of every detail of the ceremony: from the celebration to the floral arrangements, from the mise en place to the elaboration of personalized menus.

Traditional Lombard cuisine

The farmhouse La Camilla, near Milan, offers mainly typical dishes of traditional Lombard cuisine and regional Italian specialties. The choice of raw materials is made with great attention to detail.

The farmhouse in Concorezzo produces vegetables, fruit, berries, honey, and beef. The products are used entirely within the farmhouse restaurant. The pork and cured meats are processed by a partner farm in Brivio (LC). Other products such as cheeses, eggs, rice, wine, and oil are purchased from carefully selected farms in Lombardy. The cuisine is traditional, simple, and genuine.


The La Camilla farmhouse in Concorezzo breeds cows, horses, sheep, farmyard animals, bees and grows plants, fruits, berries, and vegetables. All products are used within the farmhouse restaurant. Delicious jams, shortcrust biscuits, chocolate liqueur and honey are available for sale.


The farm breeds foals from “Sella Italiana” mares.

The mares enjoy a space suited to their needs, taking advantage of the paddocks made available to them where they can freely transit from the barn to the open spaces. The foals are bred in order to be trained in the disciplines of show jumping and dressage that are taught in the equestrian school “Le Torri” located at the Concorezzo farmhouse.

The stables have animals of different breeds used, in addition to the purposes described above, also based on their morpho-attitudinal characteristics. In particular, the Hungarians and Murges are suitable for attacks. The Andalusians, on the other hand, are employed in Spanish high school shows.


All the animals on the farm are raised with all-natural food: hay, barley and oats.

At the farm they also breed bulls and beef heifers of the Croise, Charolaise, Limousine and Viandeux breeds, taking care of their feeding in order to bring to the table a product of the highest quality and exclusively coming from a guaranteed and certified supply chain.

The menu of the La Camilla farmhouse therefore includes fine cuts of its own production, from ribs to fillets, from stews to roasts, from scallops to entrecote.

The La Camilla farm participates, with the breeding of sheep and rams, in a project promoted by the Province of Monza and Brianza for the reintroduction of the Brianza sheep in the territory.

The animals come from farms accredited by the Brianza Sheep Association of Galbiate (LC) established in 1999. The association promotes the knowledge, diffusion, and breeding of this breed in order to safeguard and enhance a unique and unrepeatable genetic resource linked to the Brianza territory and its people.

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