Cooking competitions and corporate spirit

What link can there be between strengthening a team of colleagues or employees and cooking competitions? The connection is there, if the small contests are lived outside the office, in a playful dimension, but such to leverage the spirit of the Group and its union.

How to motivate employees: team building

Skip a day of office and work in the company to compete in cooking competitions? Yes, if structured as such initiatives are profitable for productivity, but also for the well-being of employees and collaborators. One of the questions that employers often pose is: How to motivate employees? To this they respond the activities of team building, which serve to create and strengthen the interpersonal relationships positive between people who work elbow to elbow every day, increasing the sense of belonging to the group. You will also have positive effects on turnover!

Team building activities in the kitchen

In This frame of reference, what place do they occupy the cooking competitions? TheAgriturismo La Camilla Osnago in Concorezzo, Monza and Brianza, proposes various initiatives to carry out between the stove of interesting and entertaining team building activities. Cooking together means collaborating and sharing. In a context like that of the location, then, it also implies to have multi-sensory experience in contact with the products of the Earth. So we have fun and experience, coming back even a little ‘ children and interacting with others as you can hardly do between a desk and the other, in the daily routine.

The team building: exercises to do in the kitchen

The Agriturismo La Camilla organizes various challenges and competitions of cooking, conceived in collaboration with experts in the field, competent and prepared in the field. Each team building initiative and the planned exercises are designed to entertain the employees but also to foster their relationships and to create virtuous dynamics between them. It ranges from cooking game, to share the preparation and tasting of food, the preparation of pizza, thanks to which you can discover curious secrets, from the dough to the ingredients, to the processing of chocolate. The goals are common to all: have fun and cheer your palate!